AT Dual


  • Large Dual Chain Actuator
  • Force 600N /800N Max Stroke 800mm for top & bottom hung and 600mm for others
  • Can be used for openings for smoke exhaust and daily natural ventilation
  • Suitable for top/bottom/side hung windows/skylights with outward/inward opening
  • In accordance with EN12101-2 standard
  • Especially for the windows/skylights wider than 1200mm with heavy duty
  • Chain material options: carbon steel / stainless steel
  • Electronic overload cutoff
  • Relief of pressure on the window gasket after closing process
  • Lifetime: more than 30,000 times of opening and closing
  • Standard housing finish is anodized silver, other colors are available by painting
  • Built-in radio receiver can be added for wireless remote control
  • With a synchronizer inside to make 2 motors work together. If one motor fails, the other one will not work
  • 600mm to 800mm stroke is only available for bottom hung windows
  • The distance between the 2 chains can be customized to match widths of windows



Product Manual