What are the Different Types of Bollards?

Bollards can serve different purposes in different types of facilities. They can be used to set boundaries around your parking area or property. You can use automatic and manual bollards sydney to increase safety and security on your property by preventing or controlling vehicle access and separating pedestrian areas from roadways. They also help with traffic management. When choosing the right devices for your facility, you should choose the leading provider of automatic and manual bollards throughout Sydney.

Types of Bollards

When it comes to the choice of bollards, manual and automatic bollards are the first thought that come to your mind. However, these devices are available in different types, with each type meant for specific applications.

These devices are typically categorised on the following basis.

Decorative Bollards

These bollards are designed with low-impact ratings and are meant to identify paths and walks. They are also designed to discourage vehicle traffic. Their key features include:

  • Installed 4 to 6 feet apart
  • Typically they are bolted to the ground
  • Mostly made of aluminium, plastic, and light-gauge steel

Safety Bollards

These bollards are designed for medium impact and are capable of preventing accidental vehicle movement or stopping rolling vehicles. Some of their key features are as follows:

  • Often designed to be installed closer
  • Often used in utility facilities to protect electrical boxes and gas meters
  • Often incorporate heavier materials including thick-walled steel or concrete-filled tubes

Security Bollards

These are heavy-duty bollards capable of withstanding high impacts from not just fast-moving vehicles, but even from fully-loaded heavy trucks. As the name suggests, they also prevent any intentional criminal intrusion. Some of the key features of security bollards are as follows:

  • Wider diameters compared to safety bollards
  • Greater mass and often designed with a descent
  • Resistance comes from both the material used for construction and the manner of installation on site
  • Impact resistance depends a lot on the engineering for ground fixation

Construction Bollards

Construction bollards are mostly used in and around construction sites, including road construction projects. They are meant to protect both the area and the people working on the site from different types of external impacts. Some of the key features include:

  • Ideal for controlling traffic
  • Made of brightly coloured and flexible plastic
  • Placed closely together to create a sense of continual visual edge

Bicycle Parking Bollards in Sydney

Bicycle parking bollards are typically designed in a post-and-arm shape. They provide hitching supports for safely locking a bike. Some of the key features and functions are as follows:

  • Preventing obstruction by creating a space specifically for parking bikes
  • Strong construction for supporting the weight of multiple bikes
  • Available in different sizes and shapes to match the landscape

These are some of the most commonly used bollards sydney. They serve different purposes, but most have some kind of safety or security role. When it comes to installing the right type of bollards on your property, you should consider their applications. It is also important to choose the leading provider of automatic and manual bollards throughout Sydney.