• Operator for swinging gates with leafs up to 2.5 m each.
  • 24 Vdc irreversible electromechanical operator, brass shaft nut (threaded bush) and steel screw shaft system, where the shaft is supported by a radial bearing and a lubricated bushing.• Simplerelease system for the manual operations of the gates. Overriding is by the same coded key that allows opening of the protection cover.
  • As gate delay can be made automatically during programming phase or manually by simply pressing a button in the MC24E electronic control box. Mechanical stop plates fix the limits of the permitted gate travel in opening and closing by adjusting their positions directly on to the operator cover.
  • By the combined action of the encoder with the constant monitoring of the efforts, which ensures the correct functioning of the gate. Possible obstacles are detected and gate travel reversed. Slowing down in opening and closing phases.
  • Thanks to its protection cover in pressure cast aluminium and polyester powder coating.Suitable for residential applications.


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