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Boom gate in Coogee

Boom gate in Coogee

Parking Problems?? ACDCMS has supplied and installed a stainless Bayt 980 boom gate to our customer in Coogee.

The site has had issues with people stealing the visitor parking to enjoy a day at the beach.

By installing the boom gate we have now maintained security to the site and ensure the residents that there friends can park safely and securely when visiting.

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Combi 787

Acdc Motorized Solutions supplied and installed new Combi 787 swing gate operators. These units were retro fitted to existing gates that had old in ground motors. The project required the existing driveway to be cut to accommodate the new housing. All of this was done without damage to the existing cobble stone driveway. The Combi […]

Bayt 980 Boom Gate

  ACDC has supplied and installed two Bayt 980 Vandal proof boom gates to Western Sydney Parklands Trust, these Bayt 980 boom gates have modified arms with a 4.5 mm wall thickness and take a 500kg magnet to the end of the boom arm to provide added security, ensuring that the customer has piece of […]